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GGS was founded in September 1988. With now 30 years of experience GGS combines cutting edge technology, experience and innovation drive together with patented devices in its portfolio.
 At the beginning, GGS was focused on geotechnical instruments for measuring meteorological parameters as well as soil erosion. Partners have been research institutions operating in the field of Geology, Meteorology, Soil Science and Geomorphology.

In 1997 GPS/DGPS technology and GIS became the predominant part of our business. The development of the Trimus DGPS system then resulted in a highly innovative product gaining  many clients in the agricultural, environmental and open mining market. The first installation in helicopters to enable the monitoring of power lines and gas pipelines was a brand new technology in those days.

 Five years later we started the aerial business with the development of a GIS based mission planning software and a flight management system. The development of a GNSS-INS based gyrostabilizer started in 2003 and the first turnkey solution was sold in 2006. Since that time, GGS became one of the leading companies in the field of aerial surveys. Focusing on small and medium sized technology, GGS has more than 20 resellers worldwide and more than 100 installations around the globe.

Since September 2021 we have started to work in our new facility at GGS-France SASU in Wissembourg

With a small and powerful team GGS develops, integrates and supports systems for various aerial data acquisitions . Aerial cameras as single or multi-sensor setups, oblique imager, thermal sensors, hyper-spectral scanners and Lidar are the sensors in our portfolio. Our add-on instruments, such as gyro stabilized mounts, GNSS-INS, power supplies, onboard PC, pilot screens and shock mountings, support proper installation of the sensors. We also offer mission planning and flight management software designed for a perfect interfacing with all of our components. That way we are able to deliver turnkey solutions. We are here to assist with the installation, offer on-site training, integrate existing equipment and provide user specific integration. 

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